Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day Out with Thomas...

Yesterday we had a day that was ALL about Jamie. (Like there's any that aren't lol!)
We took him to Colne Valley Railway's Day Out With Thomas - and we all had a great day!
We had a ride on Thomas, and on Daisy, and on a miniature railway too, and saw lots of Thomas' other friends as well...went in the signal box, saw the Fat Controller Sir Topham Hatt...and it didn't rain! Yay!
Here are a few photos of the day I thought I'd share with you...

The steam organ that was playing 2 Thomas theme tunes. ALL. DAY.
Jamie and Daddy - Jamie wasn't sure about the steam organ (it was VERY loud and kept making him jump!)
One of the Troublesome Trucks
Hee hee....Sodor Railway!
 Jamie, Daddy and the Fat Controller
 and last but definitely not least - THOMAS!
It really was a fun day, and I would recommend it if you have a Thomas fan in your house!

Thanks for looking!
Lisa xxx

Is there anybody still out there?

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