Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lots to share today!

Firstly, a couple of bags I've made this week - one for my friend Nikki, and a new larger version of my 'Romance pattern.

This is Nikki's bag - I love the fabrics she chose for it! 
 and now my 'Big Romance' bag...the yellow fabric is some vintage cotton I was given by my friend Emma (thank you!) after I admired something she had made from some of it! What a sweetie she is!

and here it is next to the original 'Romance' bag so you can see how much bigger it is!

and now you can get the patterns too! Just click the link to download the PDF files for both bags!
You can use the pattern to make bags for yourself, or to sell (as long as they're not mass produced) - and DON'T sell the patterns, or claim them as your own. I will find out, okay? lol!

In the next few days, I'll be adding a picture tutorial in case you need one lol! 
I hope you enjoy the patterns - feel free to share any that you make with me either here or on Facebook - I'd love to see them!

And next, do you remember this bag I made a while back?
Well it's been sitting on my shelf, and when I saw an appeal on Facebook asking for donations for a charity tombola for Cornwall's Fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House, Bristol, I thought it would be perfect!
So it's now on it's way to Cornwall - I hope it helps them raise lots of money!

Thanks for looking!
Lisa xxx

Is there anybody still out there?

HELLO... HELLO... LISA CALLING... IS THERE ANYBODY THERE??? Ha, it's been a while, huh? So much has happened...