Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine PJ Pants!

I made these for my little Thomas fiend today...PJ pants! Needless to say after I got them on him, I couldn't get them off again - and he's currently all tucked up in bed with them on - good job I prewashed the fabric, eh? lol!
I traced them from a pair of pants I already made him as I love the fit of them - you can see them here: 

Please excuse the pictures - he was so excited with them I couldn't get him to stay still for five minutes! 

His attempt at a 'pose'...

and a rare still moment - no idea what he was looking at, but it seems it was fascinating lol!

Thanks for looking!
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  1. These are so cute! My sons want some of these! And I love the initial applique you did in a previous post. I'm a freelance clothing designer and love to see other women workin' their magic!

    Kristina J.

  2. Thank you Kristina - I only started sewing when I got my first machine at Christmas, so I've still got lots to learn! xx

  3. OO I love those lil pj's. Though not as much as the curls on your boys head, so cute.
    Where oh where did you get the thomas fabric? I can only find it online but prefer to buy my fabric in store!?

  4. Thanks Emma! I got the fabric via SewingMamas forum (linky over on the right >>>)from a lady in the US who kindly shipped it over for me...I'm not sure where in the UK to get it though, sorry! xx


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