Friday, 21 January 2011

Summer Trousers - completed.

Finally got these finished...they have an elasticated back with a drawstring front. 
This was the best photo I could get...I think Jamie's fed up of modelling now lol!

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Your son is sooooo gorgeous! You couldn't ask for a better model, and he's lucky to have such a talented mummy too.

  2. Aww thank you so much! Unfortunately he's not a willing model...I usually have to bribe him with homemade cookies lol!

  3. Cute trousers- did you use a pattern or just wing it?

  4. I used a pair of his pj trousers as a rough pattern, then just made them a little bigger all round and made the leg wider! I don't 'do' patterns lol!


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