Monday, 12 March 2012

May the Force Be With You!

We had a dressing gown of Mr. B's kicking around here that he'd only worn once I think, and that was a token gesture as I bought it for him (he doesn't DO dressing gowns lol!), and Jamie needed a new one as apparently 'Iggle Piggle is for BABIES, Mummy!' (his old one ha ha!).
So I decided to make him one. Jamie said it had to be long, and have a hood, so off I went and set to work.
Sorry the picture is not very good - he'll only put it on at night or first thing in the morning, as 'You don't wear dressing gowns in the DAY time, Mummy!' - funny little lad, I'm sure that will change when he's a teenager lol!
He calls it his 'Jedi' dressing gown, and he is Darth Skywalker - he loves it!
May the Force Be With You!

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