Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sorry it's been quiet here....

But I have a lot going on right now personally, and I don't seem to have been able to find the spare time or energy to get on here and post.
But today, I decided if I don't start updating it now, I never here goes. 
Firstly, you'll see the new look...I decided it was time for a change, and I wanted something fresh and different - hope you like it! 

These are a few things I've made lately(yes, I've still managed to make time to sew - if I didn't, I'd go bonkers!).

Firsty - here's a (little bit) better picture of the bunting I made.
here's another Imke for Jamie - this one made from linen with a button fastening yoke.
a couple of camera strap covers - one for a friend, and one for me!

a Farbenmix Insa skirt...
and a pair of Farbenmix Dortje pants changed up a little for a boy (it's a girl pattern!)
Jamie seems to like!
and finally...a first attempt project - I followed this sandpaper crayon transfer tutorial's fantastic.
Now I know it works, next time I'll make it a little neater ha ha!

Jamie's nickname is Monkeybum, so he's my little surfin' Monkeybum - bet you won't find another tshirt with that one anywhere lol! 
 Phew - that was quite a lot of stuff - thanks for looking!


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