Friday, 6 May 2011

I've been a busy girl!

Over the past couple of days, so I thought I should share with you what I've been making!

Firstly was a couple of bags (yeah, like you're!) - I think these have a very fresh and spring like feel to them!

Fabric used: Kate Spain Central Park North Meadow Aqua
Free Spirit Designer Beads Mist
Free Spirit Designer Solids Aqua
15mm Plain Ribbon Plum

Fabrics used:  Carolyn Gavin Spring Street Buzzing Gardens Multi
Carolyn Gavin Spring Street Tossed Flowers White
Free Spirit Designer Solids Lemon
15mm Plain Ribbon Blue

 All the above fabrics and ribbons were bought from Sew Me Happy - my favourite UK fabric shop! (And I'm not getting any payment or goods for this mention - I just love them!)

And then something that's NOT a bag - another dress! This one is for a friend's gorgeous little 2 month old girl - I hope she likes it! Its based on the Made By Rae Itty Bitty Dress  with a few variations of my own. You'll notice this is the same fabric as my camera bag and the other little girl's dress I made - I think it suits the style perfectly!

So that's it! 

Have a great weekend, and thanks for looking!

Is there anybody still out there?

HELLO... HELLO... LISA CALLING... IS THERE ANYBODY THERE??? Ha, it's been a while, huh? So much has happened...