Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stripe 'J' applique top - competition entry!

Typically for me, I only found out about it yesterday, but thought it might be fun to have a go at I did!
I used the last of the stripe jersey that I made my stripe tee with - I'll just make sure we don't wear them both on the same day lol!

I thought it looked a bit plain for him as it was, so I jazzed it up a bit with a red jersey 'j' applique (cut from an old tee that was too small for him) - he said 'Mummy, that's a 'J' for Jamie! Is it for me?' Bless him!

No pattern, as!

Posing shot....

There's a shadow on my feet, Mummy!

Look at those eyes....they let him get away with murder! (ok, I know this shot has nothing to do with the top, but....I'm his Mummy and I love him! lol!)

Thank you for looking, I can't wait to see the other entries - how exciting!


  1. I love the big red J ... and your little model has amazing eyes!

  2. Great shirt--love the red/white/blue combo. (And your son is adorable.)

  3. Just darling! And I love your little guy's hair!!!

  4. I love that. In fact, I'd love one in my size (and my name starts with J!).

  5. lol Jen I actually have one in my size - but without the applique!

    Thank you for all the comments - I appreciate each and every one! xx

  6. I like your top and the large "j". I'll have to try the large appliqué on a shirt for my son.
    I, too, sew without a pattern. Makes the process so much more exciting, no?

  7. I agree Dieselmonkey - I find it much less confusing, too....patterns seem a long winded way of getting something simple like a tshirt lol! Xx


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