Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring Craftiness tutorial

While sitting with the small one, supervising his craft session (trust me, he NEEDS supervising - I turned my back for a second and he cut a tube of glitter glue in half!) I had an idea pop into my head (those of you who know me - see? It DOES happen occasionally.)

I decided to make these cute little frames - and do a step by step tutorial for you too!

You will need :-

12 lolly sticks
thick card or craft foam for backing
scraps of co-ordinating fabric (or not co-ordinating, if that's how you roll!) 
embellishments (I used foam hearts)
long strip of ribbon or fabric for hanging
glue stick
black gel pen
sellotape (other sticky back plastics are available!)

Firstly, cut out 3 squares of your card or foam backing, making them just smaller than the length of your lolly sticks, depending how much stick you want to hang over the edge. You will see I forgot this photo, so took it after I'd stuck the fabric on lol!

Then, stick your fabric on one side - I used 1 main piece and then a co-ordinating strip - how you do it is up to you!
Next, attach the lolly sticks using a glue stick - I wasn't particularly set on getting them straight - they looked cuter all higgledy piggledy!
Then add your embellishment - I used cute foam hearts that I pinched shamelessly from my sons craft box!

Next, using a gel pen in black, I wrote 'love' and drew hearts on the frames, because I'm sappy!

Lastly, I turned them over and added a twisted strip of fabric for hanging (you could use ribbon, or string if you wanted). I laid it on the back and sellotaped it - it was easier than trying to glue it! I made a loop at the top and taped that down too.

And there you have it! One very easy cute project to bring a little bit of spring to your room!

Oh, and while I was doing this? 

My little man was still having some crafty fun of his own lol!
Thanks for looking, have a great weekend!

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