Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sir Topham Hatt coming through!

Jamie decided he wanted a hat like Sir Topham Hatt from Thomas the Tank Engine this morning...

so after an hour with some cardboard, sticky tape, an old tshirt and some sewing (the tshirt fabric is actually stitched to the cardboard lol!)'s what he got!

and here's him modelling it...

he's been bossing his trains around now for the past half an hour...I think he's happy with it lol!

Thanks for looking


  1. Oh that top hat is so cute. must try to make one for my little dude when he is a bit older as I feel that with his obsession with Thomas, he would love being the controller hehe.
    Just found your blog and think it is very cute x

  2. Ha ha Emma - be prepared to get bossed around if you do make one...after all, it is the Fat Controller's hat! lol!

    Thank you both! xx


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