Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fantastic Service...

I just wanted to let you all know about some fantastic service I received from Sew Me Happy...(their button is over on the right hand side there >>>)
Yesterday, about 4pm, I placed an order on the website...standard delivery.
9.45am this morning, it turned up. Everything packaged beautifully, with adorable little stickers on the packets, and a lovely Sew Me Happy postcard as well!
This is the second time I've ordered here...and the second time I've received great service.
When a place impresses me like they have, I like to share them with everyone - so I am! I'll definitely be a regular customer.
Here's my order - I'm making a handbag for a friend...I think she'll love it!

Fabrics are :-
Patty Young - Blossoms Black
Michael Miller - Dumb Dots Fuschia
Michael Miller - Dumb Dots Black
Ribbon - Grosgrain Fuschia/White Dots

(See that oh-so-cute sticker? I LOVE them!)

(I would just like to add they're not paying me in any way for this, in case you were wondering lol!)

Thanks for looking!
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