Saturday, 26 February 2011

Skinny Jeans upcycle

I've been working on these for a while....not that they've taken long to do, but I just keep finding other things I'd rather do more lol!

I'm very glad I finished them up though - they turned out quite well, and Jamie even told me 'I like these Mummy,  they're comfy!', so that's a seal of approval right there!

Excuse the picture - I couldn't get him to stand still for love nor money (or cookies!) - and he insisted on wearing his hat again ha ha!!

The worn patches on the back were the knees on the original pair of his Daddy's jeans.

and I thought I'd add this one just for fun...what a cutie, eh? 

Thanks for looking.
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  1. these are so cute! how did you make them? i'd love to try some for my little boy.

  2. Hi there! I traced a pair of skinny jeans he already has for the fit to make a pattern...I also put elastic in the top rather than a button and zipper as we're potty training and it makes them easier for him to get on/off quickly!
    I used the outside seam of the original jeans as the outside seam of the new ones, and bottom hem reason to sew more than you need to, right? lol!

    Hope this helps! xx


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