Sunday, 13 February 2011

Taking the shirt off my!

I made this for Jamie today...
it's a recycle of one of my old shirts that I'd been hanging on to for ages in the hope that I'd either get back into it (fat chance!) or be hit with some inspiration of what to do with it...I loved it too much to throw it away!
So I came across this amazing tutorial from lilblueboo and decided that the shirt would look very cute on Jamie!
So here it is...

Thanks for looking!


  1. oooh my goodness, i LOVE it! i wish i was able to sew. photo is awesome, per usual.. what a face ;)

  2. That is a really great shirt. No wonder you couldn't bare to part with it. I enjoy trimming down my and my husband's old clothes to fit my two little boys. There is such satisfaction in recycling old clothes into something new (and for a new generation)!

    Excellent photo, too! Great job.

  3. I am so glad I found these tutorials! Did you do anything to alter the collar for a smaller neck circumference, or was there not much of a difference between the original and minimized shirt for it to be a big deal?

    1. Hi there! I didn't alter the collar at all, as it was a small ladies shirt when I tried it on him the collar seemed fine so I left it...and the tutorial I followed (link in the start of this post) didn't alter it either so I just left it. Sorry I can't be any more help! xx

  4. great thats fine thanks! I saw tutorials for making it all smaller but Id prefer to leave out a step :) And seeing as its homemade tailored clothes for my son, I think it would be cool if it didn't look like a typical manufactured shirt :)


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