Monday, 28 February 2011


While trying to get a better photo of my crop hoodie (every time I look at the other one I cringe lol!) I had a little man trying to get 'in' on the in the end I gave up and let him! I have so few photos of us both together...and it wasn't until afterwards I realised we're BOTH wearing 'Stuff Mummy Makes' lol! 

and I'll sneak this one in too....a pic of Russ I took last night for his website!
Hubba Hubba!!

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  1. LOVE The hoody thats amazing!! Love your hair too!! Suits you so much!!

  2. Aww thank you honey - I was having a bad hair day, and it was either go for the fringe or chop it all off ha ha ha!! Russ isn't too keen, but I like it! ;0) xxx


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